Web design

Are you looking for a new website or looking to give an existing site a makeover. I can design a website site that gets the job done, whether you are looking for a complex site with a content management system, integrated social networking capabilities, or just a small micro-site. I can provide you with a website that is as sophisticated or a simple as you like, which can be kept up to date with ease. I specialise in websites that are clean, simple and most of all function beautifully with a quick and reliable turnaround. I will also take of search engine optimisation to ensure that your site ranks high on search engines and gets as many hits as possible.

Responsive web design is a new feature that is worth taking advantage of. The benefit of a responsive website is that it re-sizes to fit the screen resolution of the device that you are viewing it on. For example when looking at most website on a phone or tablet, you will find yourself constantly zooming in on areas of the site in order to click links or read content. A responsive site will cleverly stack the content of the website in a way that is easy to view and interact with.

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